Better Technology.
Lower Cost.

And real time reporting
on all your companies.

Advisor benefits with Aya

No more paperwork

Digital onboarding makes
everything better

Nextgen reporting

Track how employers spend
money for smarter sales intel

Increased productivity

Reduce 90% of your
overhead time

4x your margin

Better margins
through technology

Efficient admininistration

One platform to manage all
of your companies



With Aya, I can onboard and manage all of my customers digitally.


With Aya, I make more money compared to other products.


Previously, I needed a team to process claims. Now we only need one person, part time.


Previously, I’d get the same dated reporting for decades. Aya gives me everything in realtime for better insights.


With Aya insights, I was able to customize benefits I sell to each employer.

No Paperwork

Previously, I had to fill out paper forms. Aya changed that and gave me a aya digital experience.

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