Health and wellness spending account wisdom

Use Health Spending Accounts To Achieve All Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is a new year but for everyone in Canada and around the world a lot of the same concerns and stresses remain with Covid and the Omicron variant spreading rapidly.  Everywhere you look the talk is about booster vaccination shots or knowing someone who has gotten Covid and is missing work or school classes being online and if they should be or not. If one person in a family gets Covid then before you know it the entire family has it as well; and be symptomatic or asymptomatic, they must isolate and hope that they don’t get very sick and require hospitalization.

January is typically a time for New Year’s resolutions, to lose weight, or to join a gym or yoga class, maybe it is to read more books or connect with old friends more often.  People enjoy setting goals for themselves to start off the year, a new year, and a new outlook, striving to be better then the year before.

When it comes to setting resolutions and goals; everyone is different, there is no one size fits all approach to setting goals for yourself. It should be that way, nobody knows you better than you know yourself and therefore nobody is in a better position to determine what will make you happier, or healthier or provide you a more positive outlook than you.

Having health and wellness spending accounts is the ideal solution for dealing with New Year’s resolutions; it is the ideal benefit solution for offering employees the flexibility and freedom they desire to do as they choose for themselves and their wellbeing.  With health and wellness spending accounts the choice is up to the individual on how and what they spend their health expenses dollars on.

Like New Year’s resolutions, health and wellness spending account expenses everyone is different; nobody is locked into specific expenses or sets of expenses.  Having a health spending account allows the individual to know themselves better once again than anyone else and choose health choices that make them feel as good as they can.

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