Aya Advantages

  • Digitally onboard all your employees in minutes

  • No forms to fill out, all claims done within Aya app

  • Fraud reduction – 100% of claims are adjudicated

  • Fully customizable platform

  • Type of employee classes with different HSA & WSA amounts

  • Use it or lose it functionality

  • Plan changes permitted (2 per year)

  • Prorated based on start date

  • Fixed dollar amount or % of salary

Two ways to go

Prepaid Mastercard®

Prepaid either monthly, quarterly, or annually – your choice!

Conveniently delivered to employer or to employee’s homes

Works at any health merchant – no need to call us to set up a merchant as an approved provider

Comes with CVV/CVC code – can be used virtually

Easy top up plan coverage, use card, add photo of receipt

Card balance and claim history is easily accessed within the app

Card can be used globally 

Pay as you go

Employee pays for health-related expense

Takes photo(s) of receipt(s) with the Aya app, answer minimal questions and then submit claim for approval and reimbursement

Employer can decide to put up a three-month float so employees can be reimbursed in as little as 24-48 hours

Account balance and claim history is easily accessible within the app

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