Health and wellness spending account wisdom

Aya’s Prepaid Mastercard® Health Spending Account For Startups

Aya’s prepaid Mastercard® health spending account for startups is the perfect solution for your group benefit needs as you focus on growing your business and your revenues.  Keeping expenses under control is one of the top priorities for most startups while they are growing their company.  Providing employees with a Health Spending Account and a Wellness Spending Account is one way that startup’s can have cost certainty with their group benefits. 

Traditional group benefit plans premiums fluctuate on an annual basis and are based off of the total plan usage by group members, which is unknown.  Health Spending Account costs are fixed and determined by the employer, the costs will only increase if the employer decides to increase the amount.  In addition to that with traditional benefit plans employers do not receive refunds from any unused benefits.  Health Spending Accounts provide refunds to employers if the benefits are not used by the employees.  Health Spending Accounts are also a 100 tax-free benefit for both the employer and the employee

Traditional Benefits Aya
Combined benefit amount is unknownBenefit amount if fixed and determined by employer
Future premium increases are based on total plan usage by group members, which is unknownEmployer budget is fixed and does not increase unless you choose to increase
No refunds for unused benefitsRefunds are provided if benefits not used
Health Spending Account Benefits Versus Traditional Benefits

Aya’s prepaid Mastercard® allows employers to load a predefined amount onto a globally accepted Mastercard®.  Employers can load the card monthly, quarterly, or annually and employees can use the card only at health and wellness merchants.  Aya’s prepaid Mastercard® allows your employees to never have to spend out of pocket for any health or wellness related expense.

Health Spending Accounts are not only great for the startup, they are great for the startup’s employees, providing them with the flexibility to spend their benefits where they choose to.  Health Spending Accounts are also a retention tool; HSA’s are the single largest incentive for an employee to stay with an employer.  Whether it is to provide cost certainty with your benefit packages, or to provide employees with a benefit package they are looking for, startups should consider using a Health Spending Account.

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