Health and wellness spending account wisdom

Aya’s Prepaid Mastercard Health Spending Account for Large Companies

Aya’s prepaid Mastercard® health spending account for large companies is the perfect addition to your traditional group benefits. It is also a great alternative to your traditional group benefits, in fact 88% of employers at 1000 plus employee companies would welcome the move to defined spending accounts.  Offering an employee a health spending account (HSA) and/or a wellness spending account (WSA) is valuable to an employee.  78% of employees consider having an HSA is what makes their benefit package excellent.  In addition to that 94% of employees with an HSA use it and those who do use 62% of available funds.

Employees are looking for the flexibility to spend their funds where they choose instead of being directed where to spend using traditional group benefits.  Every employee is unique and has their own needs when it comes to healthcare; providing them with a health spending account and wellness spending account allows the employees needs to be addressed.  Not only are their health related expenses being taken care of, with a WSA they can take care of those extra expenses like gym memberships or yoga lessons.

Traditional Benefits Aya
Combined benefit amount is unknown Benefit amount if fixed and determined by employer
Future premium increases are based on total plan usage by group members, which is unknown Employer budget is fixed and does not increase unless you choose to increase
No refunds for unused benefits Refunds are provided if benefits not used
Traditional Group Benefits Versus Aya’s Health Spending Account

Aya’s prepaid Mastercard® allows employers to load a predefined amount onto a globally accepted Mastercard®. Employers can load the card monthly, quarterly, or annually and employees can use the card only at health and wellness merchants. Aya’s prepaid Mastercard allows your employees to never have to spend out of pocket for any health or wellness related expense.

Employers and employees alike will benefit your company having Aya’s prepaid Mastercard® for the health and wellness spending accounts.

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