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Aya’s Mission of Healthcare for All- Donating Oxygen Concentrators & Ventilators To India

Aya’s mission of healthcare for all – donating oxygen and ventilators to India.  Aya is rooted in a core belief that every life is as valuable as another, no matter where you live. Aya is more than just a provider of health spending accounts and wellness spending accounts, they are a company that cares about all humans. Covid-19 has affected every country in the world, currently none are being harder hit than India. The number of positive cases and deaths continue to rise as the need for oxygen and ventilators far outweighs the current availability.   Aya has colleagues, friends and relatives who have personally been affected by Covid-19 and know firsthand the importance of adequate healthcare and supplies in a time like this.

Aya’s is committing one month of revenue to purchase oxygen and ventilators to help India with the increased demand for these lifesaving supplies. In addition to revenue’s the co-founder’s are giving their May salary and additional Aya employees are also donating portions of their May salary to support the cause.  Finally Aya is accepting donations that will be combined with the other money raised to purchase oxygen and ventilators.

Aya is purchasing oxygen concentrators and ventilators; it is important to understand what these devices do and how they will help the people of India who are having trouble breathing. Oxygen concentrators do basically as the name suggests; they concentrate the amount of oxygen in the air to provide the person that is having trouble breathing a much purer form of oxygen than the air provides.  Earth’s air is composed of approximately 78 percent nitrogen and only 21 percent oxygen.  A person with no underlying conditions or respiratory ailments can absorb the oxygen from the air into their bloodstream.   People who are having breathing difficulties need purer oxygen to breathe in and this is where the oxygen concentrators come in; they work in the following way as described here.

It works by:

  1. Compressing air as the cooling mechanism keeps the concentrator from becoming overheated
  2. Taking air in from its surroundings
  3. Using an electronic interface to adjust delivery settings
  4. Removing nitrogen from the air through sieve beds and a filter
  5. Delivering purified oxygen through a mask or nasal cannula

Aya is also purchasing ventilators, another supply that is in high demand in India.  Ventilators are machines that help people breathe by supplying them with air/oxygen mixtures while also allowing gas to escape.  

One oxygen concentrator costs approximately $950 Canadian dollars, while one ventilator costs approximately $13,000 Canadian dollars.  The more funds Aya can generate the more of these supplies they can purchase and the more people they can help.

Once Aya purchases the supplies they will be donating them to the Naunidh Foundation who will make sure that they are used in the best way possible.  To provide those most in need with oxygen and help them breathe.

The Naunidh Foundation is committed to improving the general state of affairs for those who need it most. They do this in the following ways:

  • Creating better medical services
  • Ensuring education for all
  • Providing financial aid to those who need it
  • Fostering a better environment for art and culture

Please consider helping in any way you can so that Aya can help as many people in India as possible. If you would like to make a donation. please click on Aya’s Go Fund Me page below.

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