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Aya named 2021 5-Star insurance technology award winner

Aya was recently named one of ten 2021 5-Star insurance technology providers award winners by Insurance Business Magazine Canada.  A leading provider of health and wellness spending accounts, Aya is very much a technology company first built on a fully customizable platform and one an one-of-a-kind financial infrastructure.

Providing health and wellness to everyone is at the core of everything Aya does; using technology is how we achieve it.  Digital onboarding to never having to pay out-of-pocket for any health or wellness claim, to no paperwork to submit is the Aya experience.  Using our beautifully designed and user friendly app a user can simply pay for their expense using our prepaid Mastercard®, take a photo of the receipt and hit submit.  The entire process can be completed before ever leaving the health or wellness provider. 

The goal is to make paying for health care as easy as possible, removing all of the stress during a time when the user is not always feeling their best and building the platform that will allow users to achieve that satisfaction from using an award-winning technology.

Knowing that insurance brokers were the group that voted on and selected the winners makes winning the award that much better.  Brokers are our partners, out in the market selling Aya to their clients; having them select Aya as 5-Star insurance technology provider award winner shows that Aya is a leader when it comes to health and wellness spending accounts and that brokers are looking to provide a great solution to their clients.

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