Health and wellness spending account wisdom

Aya – A Technology First Healthcare Platform For Employers


Aya – a technology first healthcare platform for employers. Specifically, Aya offers health spending accounts and wellness spending accounts; a prepaid version and a pay as you go option.  HSA’s are the single largest incentive for an employee to stay with an employer.  Aya’s robust technology and financial infrastructure allows your human resources team to focus on your most important asset, your employees, instead of spending hours and hours on paperwork for insurance companies.

There is no paperwork needed to enroll your employees, you can quickly onboard and manage all employees digitally and they can start using Aya the same day. Compared to traditional insurers with similar flexible plans, Aya will save you $1500 per employee per year on fees and taxes.

Provide employees with the flexibility they are looking for with the benefit packages.  Employees have the flexibility to spend where they want versus insurance companies dictating where you can spend.  As an employer you do not have to allocate funds separately between health spending accounts and wellness spending accounts; you allocate the total amount and Aya’s technology will take care of the rest.  Aya reduces fraud by reviewing one hundred percent of claims that are submitted according to CRA guidelines and machine learning is used to adjudicate each claim.

Quickly onboard and manage all employees digitally
Save $1500 per employee per year compared to traditional insurers with similar plans
No credit check for you or your employees
HSA reimbursements are a non-taxable benefit
Technology that revolutionizes security and compliance
Aya Benefits For Employers

Aya is the most convenient, easiest, and safest health and wellness spending account, providing the most transparent reporting while being the most cost efficient.  Aya is setting the standard for health and wellness spending accounts.  Employers start saving time and money by using Aya – a technology first healthcare platform.

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