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Aya – A Technology First Healthcare Platform For Employees

Aya – A technology first healthcare platform for employees.  As we continue to discuss Aya’s robust technology platform the next group of people we want to mention are the employees themselves.  Like the advisors and employers before them, the platform has been built with employees top-of-mind.  Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) and Wellness Spending Accounts (WSAs) are extremely popular.  93% of employees like having an HSA, while 82% who do not have one would like one.

Aya offers employees a prepaid Mastercard that works seamlessly with the Aya app; using the two in conjunction means employees never have to pay out of pocket for any of their health or wellness products or services again.  In addition to that,  using the Aya app’s receipt capture technology all that is required is to take a photo of your health or wellness receipt and your transaction is complete.

Providing employees with ease of use and flexibility are core to the Aya health and wellness spending account experience; signup takes less than one minute, there is never any paperwork to fill out, fast customer support treats everyone as a valued customer, and all of the information you require is located inside the app.

Get your money 10X faster– Our innovative software functionality allows for 10x faster    adjudication than traditional group benefit programs!
Use  your Aya Mastercard– Use your card for eligible expenses, you are only one swipe away from purchasing the healthcare products or services you need!
No more paperwork– All claims are done digitally through the Aya app!
Aya is for the whole family– You can spend not just for yourself, but for your dependents too!
Spend anywhere Mastercard is accepted – Valid worldwide but only at health and wellness merchants
Aya Benefits For Employees

When choosing your health spending account provider, look for a company that has built the most customizable technology and advanced financial infrastructure putting the employees’ needs first. Aya – a technology first healthcare platform for employees.

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