Health and wellness spending account wisdom

Aya – A Technology First Healthcare Platform For Advisors

Aya – a technology first healthcare platform for advisors.  Aya is a healthtech and fintech company that provides financial payments solutions and program administration for employee benefit packages. Aya provides health and wellness spending accounts and what differentiates them from their competitors is the technology and financial infrastructure they have engineered.  Aya’s platform is fully customizable to meet any client’s requirements.

Aya uses machine learning to adjudicate 100% of submitted claims, making it the only company in Canada to review every claim submitted.  Adjudicating 100% of claims dramatically reduces the amount of employers and time required to process claims, it also reduces the amount of fraud.

Robust, real-time reporting tracks how employers spend money allowing for greater intel and ability to tailor plans to meet their needs.

No more paperwork-Digital onboarding of all employers and employees
Nextgen reporting-Track how employers spend money for smarter intel
Increased productivity-Reduce 90% of your overhead time
4X your margin-Better margins through technology
Efficient Administration-One platform to manage all of your companies
Aya Benefits For Advisors

Aya provides advisors all the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage all of their customers’ needs in a single platform, reducing the overhead involved while also generating better margins all through technology. There are options when it comes to health and wellness spending account providers but there is only one option for companies that provide the technology, the financial infrastructure as well as all the additional benefits… Aya.

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