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Frequently asked questions​

Aya is a Canadian fintech company that focuses on simple payment technology to help mitigate rising healthcare costs.

A Health Spending Account is a flexible way employers can provide their employees with health benefits allowing employees to choose where they spend their allotted funds Employers contributions are 100% tax-deductible and employees expenses are tax-free.

Employees love HSA’s because they get to choose where they spend their allocated dollars. Using the Aya Mastercard® they never have to go out-of-pocket on medical expenses. It’s like having a bank account they can use for their medical, dental and vision expenses. An employer can also write off 100% of the costs related to it’s HSA and all expenses are tax-free to employees. In recent HR surveys, having an HSA is also a leading reason why an employee chooses to stay with an employer.

At any health or wellness merchant worldwide. Swipe to pay for medical expenses at doctor’s offices, pharmacies, dentist offices, vision care as well as many other modern treatments from a variety of expert practitioners. Click here to see the full list of expenses covered with Aya Mastercard®.

Your employer allocates a specific amount.  You will be notified of the amount and then simply use your Aya Mastercard® to pay for eligible expenses up to your allotted allowance.

Ask your employer to contact Aya or refer them to the website: www.ayacare.com

Awesome. We have the answers – call us duing normal work hours from 9AM to 5PM EST at 888-427-6682.

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