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Presenting Aya Post-Pay!

What is Aya Post-Pay?

For employers, there is no longer a need to pre-fund your Aya Care account, thus we present Aya Post-Pay! We give your employees a balance that is available to them through the Aya Care app, the employees spend through their own debit, credit card or cash (out-of-pocket) and fill out a claim in less than 10 seconds on our app. Once the claim is adjudicated, we will invoice you for the funds and reimburse the employee.

For employees, we’ve created a super easy way for you to submit your out-of-pocket receipts for HSA and WSA reimbursement. All you need to do is take a photo, enter a few items and receive your money within your bank account (we’re working on making this instant!)

Why did we create Aya Post-Pay?

We have received an overwhelming request for a post-pay solution. While Aya Care currently allows for the flexibility of pre-funding monthly, quarterly or annually, the post-pay solution gives further advantages. Post-pay allows employers to carry forward employee HSA and WSA balances from previous years without having to pre-fund a chunk of money upfront. Plus, HSA and WSA reimbursement is easier than ever!

When is Aya Post-Pay live?

Jan 1, 2021.

Are there additional employer requirements for Aya Post-Pay?

Post-Pay is simple! We just need a small amount of information, a PAD agreement and we can get an employer onboarded in less than 15 mins, with all employees onboarded in less than one minute, no matter the size of the company!

Will I get a Mastercard with Aya Post-Pay?

At this time, the Mastercard option is only available with the pre-fund solution.

Can I upgrade to Aya Care Mastercard later?

Absolutely! Let us know and we will upgrade you to the Aya Care Mastercard solution.

How do I sign up?

Request a demo at

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