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How Does The Aya Prepaid Mastercard® Work?

Plan sponsor and plan member account information

With Aya, you define the dollar limits for the HSA.
You also decide whether credits will be rolled over for one year or forfeited if not used within the plan year.

Aya member benefits with their prepaid Mastercard®:

  • use HSA dollars until they’re exhausted for the plan year
  • dollar limits can be different by class
  • dependents allowed or not can be different by class
  • claims can be submitted after plan year is over if the employer chooses

Easy payments

Your plan members will each get an Aya PrepaidMastercard®, which they, their spouses and dependents can use to access the allocated dollars when paying for an eligible expense at any approved health care provider location. Depending on the plan design you choose, these may include:

  • Pharmacies
  • Dental clinics
  • Vision centers
  • Paramedical practitioners (e.g., chiropractor, psychologist, physiotherapist)

Balance reload

Employers can choose to load the cards per class on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This can be done through wire, pre-authorized debit or EFT.

Card use information

For drug claims, the card technology ensures only the balance of the drug purchase, after the plan member’s pay-direct drug card is used. Non-prescription amounts cannot be claimed.
Plan member communication materials include information outlining proper use of the card. Attempts to use the card for unapproved health-related products and services can result in card access being suspended and/or you being notified.

What if the card doesn’t work?

Payment may be declined if:

  • The purchase is for an amount that exceeds the plan member’s account balance
  • The expense is ineligible
  • Merchant does not accept Mastercard

A plan member’s card may be declined by some health care providers, or for certain ineligible products and services. Declined transactions represent a small percentage of claims volume, and may include:

  • Hospitals and ambulance service
  • Providers outside of Canada
  • Nursing care
  • Certain medical supplies
  • Vision centers located within retail stores

If the card is declined or if a plan member forgets or prefers not to use it, the expense can be submitted through the Aya Care app by using the out of pocket feature.

Reimburse Expenses

Link a funding account to quickly pay yourself back for health spending

Receipt Capture

Attach receipts to any payment ussing your phone camera

Coming soon:
Family Management

Share an HSA with your family? Easily keep track of who’s spending what with family tags.

Freeze Card

Lost or stolen card? Freeze your card in the app.

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